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Coffee Distributors

About us

Vice Espresso is a premium brand that can only be found in cafes, restaurants and coffee vans. The coffee Vice supplies is specifically designed to work in these environments and help the baristas produce the best quality brews. You will never fined retail packs of Vice in any grocery shops but if your lucky enough your local barista may be able to help you out. The crew at Vice are serious about decent espresso. We are dedicated to passing this passion onto everything we put our name to. From the local cafes we supply, to the shots we extract at our Espresso bar on Halswell junction Road. At our HO, Espresso bar and Roastery you can find us batch roasting the highest quality Arabica coffee beans from all over the globe. Our crew is espresso mad and meticulously taste test every batch to ensure we are delivering what you deserve – a damn good cup of espresso. Pop on in for a $3.00 small or a $4 large brew. Made from the freshest beans direct from the roaster right in the other room.  

Vice Espresso blends

When you buy coffee beans some choice is good, but too much can sometimes be confusing. At Vice Espresso we think keeping things simple is the key to keeping on top of quality products and service. That’s why we offer four delicious blends that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur.

Kia Kaha is the Vice Signature blend. It has been cupped and evaluated to be a particularly flexible infusion – if you’re a sharp short black drinker or a milky lattè admirer this blend will be sure to satisfy. But hey we are always open to new things so if you had something individual or “special” in mind our skilled blenders are keen to discuss your specific needs and see if there is something we can do for you.

Want to brew Vice Espresso?

If your looking at setting up a cafe’, mobile coffee cart or bar don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team. We can supply anything coffee related from beans to espresso machines to tools and cleaning supplies to keep you going. Where always happy to have a chat about coffee and help even the smallest places set up shop. Check out our Top Cafes list to see some examples of places Vice Espresso can be found. Click HERE to find out more.