About us

Dessford Tea originated back in the 1970s along side Stewart’s coffee in Dunedin. Being a small business we haven’t lost our values over the years. Dessford Tea has catered to the farmers of the south and the and the good old joe blog of New Zealand for generations. We pride ourselves on being one of the first in the industry and one of the only to keep our company Kiwi Owned and Operated. We don’t just aim to produce top quality tea, we achieve this each and every day by putting in the hard work and time to produce each and every product right here in Christchurch.  

The Process

Our tea is imported directly from the growers in Sri Lanka making sure we only get in the best quality raw product that is hand picked, dried and bundled up as it has been for hundreds of years. After its long journey to our production center and roastery in Christchurch, we produce a range of products including boxed loose tea and Teabags.  All of the production is hand packaged by our team, with the finest details going into every bag and box right down to each and every label. Once we have sorted, weighed and packaged all the tea, we then ship the products around New Zealand. You can find Dessford Tea in cafes, restaurants and even on the shelves in Farmlands, New Worlds, Bin Inns. But we have always kept loyal to the smallest customers and still sell direct to individuals, some have been brewing Dessford Tea since day one.  

The Dessford Tea Range

tea-dessford tea-dessford-green tea-dessford-grey

Dessford Red

Dessford Green

Dessford Earl Grey

Dessford Red is a pure, unblended Ceylon Tea selected for its delicious cup qualities. Dessford Red has a refreshing flavour which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Used for its medicinal purposes for almost 4000 years Green Tea is thought to be one of the healthiest drinks available. Besides its great robust taste it is also a rich source  of antioxidants which can assist digestion and combat the aging process. A classic blend. A Ceylon black tea flavoured with Bergamot Oil, which gives our Dessford Earl Grey a distinctive citrus like feature. Traditionally enjoyed without milk.