Dessford Tea has catered to New Zealand tea drinkers for generations. Having begun as one of the very first in the industry we have remained as one of the very few to be Kiwi owned and operated. Our aim to produce top quality tea for everyone and we know that this can only be achieved by putting in the hard work everyday to produce each and every product right here at our HQ in Christchurch.  

You can find our Dessford Tea in cafes, restaurants and even on the shelves of your local Farmlands, New World or Bin Inn. We also still sell to individuals, just take a look our online shop section today.


The Dessford Tea Range

tea-dessford tea-dessford-green  

Dessford Red

Dessford Green


Unblended Ceylon Tea selected for its delicious cup qualities. Dessford Red has a refreshing flavour which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Used for its medicinal purposes for almost 4000 years Green Tea is thought to be one of the healthiest drinks available that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.