Stewart’s Coffee was founded by the late Mr T.A. Stewart in 1956. It was the FIRST coffee house in Dunedin and the only one in New Zealand to roast its own beans on the premises. Two of New Zealand’s oldest Probat roasters have been used by Stewart’s since day one. Good old fashioned belts, burners and hard work have produced some of the best coffee around for generations. In 1975 it was sold with a vision of a larger roasting facility imageGensupplying quality coffee around NZ. So in 1979 Stewart’s Coffee Supplies Ltd was founded and a factory established on Grange Street, Dunedin. Sadly, the original coffee house in the Octagon was closed in November 1998, giving way to the trendy wine bars and many small eating houses established in that area. At this stage there was also a retail shop on Filluel Street, Dunedin to continue selling to the public. In 2011, after a long history in Dunedin the company decided to uproot a move to Christchurch to take advantage of the central location. A new roastery and cafe set up shop at 595 Halswell Junction Road, Hornby and is still in operation today as the HQ. In 2014 the last legacy of Stewart’s in Dunedin, the Fillull Street shop was closed and all the production, sales and offices are at our Hornby location.  

About us

Stewart’s Coffee deals in all aspects of the industry. We can supply espresso vending machines, Cona filter brewers, Stewart’s wide range of coffee beans are available in Supermarkets and farmlands throughout NZ in bulk dispensers and retail packs. We supply to cafes, restaurants and other businesses throughout New Zealand no matter how big or small.

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Stewart’s Coffee Blends

  • Blue Mountain:   Named after that region in Jamaica synonymous with coffee excellence. Bright and lively with a medium body. Great for plungers and filters.
  • Espresso:   Signature blend. Strong and full bodied in time-honoured Italian style. blended specially for espresso use.
  • Fiesta:   Blended pre-roast from three separate origins to produce coffee distinction. Smooth, full flavoured and pleasantly aromatic. Great for any method of espresso extraction.
  • French:   Dark roast but not too dark so to retain flavours. Bittersweet and full bodied with sweet aromatics. Popular with espresso drinkers.
  • Greco:   Named after the oldest and most elegant cafe in Rome this dark roast produces a complex, full bodied coffee perfect for espresso use.
  • Italian:   Our darkest roast. The caramelization of sugars produces a bittersweet flavour medium on acidity and body and ideal for espresso use.
  • Kilimanjaro:   The world’s best coffee bean. Winey acidity with great flavours and aromatics. Great for any method of extraction.



Interested in Stewart’s Coffee?

If your interested in supplying Stewart’s Coffee at your place, give us a call and we can sort you out with equipment, products and top of the line service. Take a look at what we can supply below. Filter machines and products including 10g and 60g sachets of ground coffee, filter papers etc. Beverage vending machines, with supply of coffee, Hot chocolate, Milk powder etc. A wide range of pre packaged beans or pre ground coffee. Bulk coffee in dispensers suitable for grocery stores and produce stores. Cafe supply Equipment servicing and supply specializing in Vending machine repairs. Click HERE to find out more