Stewart’s Coffee Blends


  • Blue Mountain: Named after the Jamaican region synonymous with coffee excellence. Lively with medium body it’s great for plungers and filters.
  • Espresso: Signature blend. Strong and full bodied in time-honoured Italian style. blended specially for espresso use.
  • Fiesta: Blended from three separate origins to produce coffee distinction. Smooth, full and pleasantly aromatic. Great for all extraction methods.
  • French: Dark roast but not too dark so to retain flavours. Bittersweet and full bodied with sweet aromatics. Popular with espresso drinkers.
  • Greco:   Named after the oldest and most elegant cafe in Rome this dark roast produces a complex, full bodied coffee perfect for espresso use.
  • Italian: Our darkest roast. The caramelization of sugars produces a bittersweet flavour medium on acidity and body and ideal for espresso use.
  • Kilimanjaro: The world’s best coffee bean. Winey acidity with great flavours and aromatics. Great for any method of extraction.


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